Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess What I Imagined Today..? (Dec 25 - Dec 31)

Since I couldn't get to do cool things like others on Christmas days, I used my imagination and came up with the new segment called "Guess what I imagined Today." 
December 25: I saw an imaginary crocodile. It was cute and hungry. So.. that didn't happened actually.
December 26:  I went skiing with my perfect ski skills. It was going really professional until an UFO came out of no where and ruined my ski fun day. I got scared a little but then The Snow Giant also came out of no where and started fighting the UFO thing. You should've seen them kicking the hell out of each other. What an awesome day..
December 27: I had another adventure on another Christmas day....It's stupid but read: Today I went jet skiing in Hawaii. It was pretty sunny and the ocean was surprisingly quiet but I didn't know I was scared of the sharks. Never saw that coming..
December 28: I didn't do anything...

December 29: This time I realized that my adventures were a little bit not realistic. So this time I brought my Happy Christmas day fun to the ground. Today I had my fun with playing an amazing video game but I think it was a little too much fun. It was so convincing that...I don't wanna talk about it..
December 30: I went to watch my favorite movie, Django Unchained. I really liked it but it was too blood splashy..!
December 31: (inhale)...(exhale)...


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