Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mixed Creatures

Some crazy designs of I-Don't-Know-What-they-Are creatures..

the Clown feeding the whale with chicken

I just started this illustration with the whale and it ended up like this..I apologize to all chicken around the work..You are nice birds. You don't deserve to be like this.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

salamat #132

kids..don't try this at home.

salamat #131

the illustration I made about swimming in the sea..I missed swimming in the sea..especially if you haven't swum for almost 5 years..

salamat #114

one illustration about Heart for kids...

salamat #113

one illustration about germs having a good time in someone's mouth

salamat #104

old illustration about one sick kid

salamat #102

one happy family in winter

salamat #216

strip about the girl who didn't sleep well last night..

salamat #210

strip about the kid whose mouth was smelly

salamat #209

illustration about the noisy kid who enters the wonder world with his uncle