Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I made a couple of drawings of amazing fish in the aquarium of Academy of Science which lead me to this funny looking called Alligator fish. The interesting part about that fish was it didn't look anything like a alligator. It looked more like a cartoony dog fish. So I came up with this dog fish concepts.

Then I narrowed it down to these drawings to make it more like a dog.

Father's Day Painting

I know we have already passed the father's day but I made this painting in that day to honor my father and his dedication. But I was so busy with thesis that I couldn't post it on my blog. (However I sent it to my father on that day.) This week I have a chance to work on blog a little bit.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Creature Design concepts and turn around

Since I got with busy with making my cartoon "The Grrreat Death" I couldn't keep up with my blog posts. Actually I didn't have time to scan my drawings and put them together for the blog. But I believe it's important to put my personal works and my film in balance. I found these concepts I did for creature design by combining animals I drew in Oakland zoo. 

..and here is the turn around of the final design.