Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year to Y'all .... :) 
Now If you excuse me, I have to get dressed to see fireworks..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...

Goodbye 2012...Happy Holidays...I wish you all the better future with no regrets..

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Lame Epic

My history knowledge was never good at all but I always was interested in messing with histories and combining them with some funny topics and silly facts to make them more interesting. But now I'm getting interested in history as the history. This time I worked on the new 4 characters for my new idea called the "Lame Epic" which includes a hero and his love interest, a sidekick and the villain. (Like the last time.)

For the hero character I chose the horse kind which it's a little bit odd but I liked that because you don't see it that much. He's pretty brave but He forgets that he is a horse and he might get in trouble because of his horsy actions. He kicks like a horse, Yells like a horse, Runs like a horse, ...etc. and also loves his heels. He loves them.
The love interest is a female human being but she's a little bit over weight kind of the character but she's pretty and cute at the same time. She thinks that she's hot and cute and I agree with her on the second part. Unfortunately she always becomes the victim of the Hero's silly actions. She is pretty much hyper active in spite of her weight.
The sidekick (which is my favorite) is the tiny cyclops who doesn't take anybody's side. He's just there in picture. He's really funny but he doesn't know that he can be a titan. However he's got a point because he is small and not that bright.
The last main character, the three-headed Villain, was supposed to be the greatest Titan of the earth but it has one issue. The third head is the loony crackpot creature that has no idea what the hell is going on. It acts like a poppy dog and unfortunately that third head take the all coolness and villainness of our character and there's nothing the other 2 heads can do about it. Oh wait...the other head is also have a little bit problem with the others because it's a bird head and it can't fly anywhere. The real main villain is actually the middle head but he has to find some way to get along with his other companion heads in this story.
I did a little bit value study of the characters to get their three dimensional look. Doesn't look %100 perfect but I will be working on them harder with adding some colors.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boy and Dog walking cycle

As you know, most of animators assignments are filled with walk cycles. Quadrupeds are always the tough ones. But all thing you're gonna need is coming up with a formula based on the references you around you.
In this video I was assigned to animate a human character with a four legged animal on a leash with the different timings without changing their distance from each other with the background in a loop. It sounds like a easy job but was not. It took times to find a right loop for that scene. But It was worth it.

Cape Man Animation

From Now on I will be posting my animation tests on my blog to make it more Animationy. I think it will make it more interesting. Besides I want you to know that I can animate characters .
In this video I've animated the Cape man who is jumping the rope. Really simple but with subtle overlapping actions.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tragedy in Newtown

There are not words for me to speak about tragedy. Last week another tragedy happened in Newtown, Connecticut. My condolences to victims' family and friends.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Sketches

I've heard Humpty Dumpty a lot in my life but I never bothered to look it up to find out what it looks like. So finally I did a little research on the character for one of my roommates to draw it on an egg. I mean an actual egg..

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Good Family

Oh assignments are getting more interesting. This time I had a lot of fun with the characters as a family group. I had to pick two very opposite species as parents. I picked a pig as a father...
... and a wasp as a mother..
And they must have two kids (one boy and one girl) and one of them should look more like a father and the other more like a mother. So I came up with these sketches..
Then I thought it would be better if I put them together in a family portrait. So here they are..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

4 Characters - From Cartoony to Realistic

After finishing the final version of the cartoony version of the 4 main characters for my new cartoon (I'm still working on the title..maybe "Bad Heroes" for now) I was assigned to do the realistic version of them.
Actually it was not that challenging to me to turn them into live-action characters. It was ok but not as fun as the cartoon drawing. It has proven to me that I always have a cartoon world living inside of me with bucked toothed tiny characters. I feel like a happy pregnant lady.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ricky, Steve and Karl

It's been a month I've started listening to Ricky Gervais show (Especially his 10 guides). I was doodling chimps and I realized that Karl likes chimps. He's so innocent and gullible but he's always interested in everything. I believe Ricky really cares about him. Then I drew Ricky's, Steve's and Karl's face in cartoon on the top. I really like the show. I don't Ricky is reading this post but I like him with Karl..All the time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Pig and The Cow

I received this beautiful story from my father. It has moved me strongly. I would like to share it with you:
"The Pig and the Cow"
A rich man complained to his friend: "People don't like me. They say I'm selfish and stingy. And yet in my last will and testament I have donated all that I own to charitable cause." His friend said: "Well, maybe the story of the cow and the pig has a lesson for you.""The pig came to the cow and complained: 'People always talk about your friendliness. I know you are friendly, you do give them milk. But they get much, much more from me. They get ham and bacon and lard and they even cook my feet. And yet - no one likes me. To all of them I am just a pig, a hog. Why is that?'
The cow thought it over a bit and then said: 'Perhaps it's because I give while I am still alive!'"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Grey Dog (The Grey Dog from Concept to Final Design)

It's all started of course in my head and then I drew a rough picture of a dog in a alley in my tiny sketch book and I started to draw the character. In the first drawings, the dog looked a little goofy and I knew the dog should look innocent and alone but cartoony at the same time. Besides, the dog looked more like a rat in a first draft anyway. So I did my research on dogs and finally I combined the real dog and my style together and here are the results..

The Grey Dog (The Little Girl)

The little girl has a main and also critical part in the story. I wanted to make her as innocent and fragile as possible. My first draft of a girl was started with the bucked tooth but I realized that this time I need to get serious about it. So you can see how she evolved after 6 drawings.

The Grey Dog (Silhouetted Crowds)

I didn't finish the Great Death project, now I'm currently working on my next short film's pre-production called the Grey Dog. This project has a lot of crowd characters in silhouettes. I didn't want to draw them all in a same silhouette. Every character has its special design in silhouette.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A rough day for Turkeys every year

I love everything about thanksgiving. You can hang out with friends, families and even yourself if there's no one around. (Don't do the last's horrible.!) But I always imagine how many turkeys will be slaughtered for this holiday. Now here's my dedication to all turkeys that had a bad day on Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 Characters

I was assigned to create 4 following characters: Hero, Love interest, Villain and Sidekick
I started with the concepts on my sketch book first. All I was thinking about was to make them different and non-idealistic but still remind audience who they are at the first sight.

After coming up with good ones, I used photoshop to get a better, clearer and more detailed look of them so I can work on their values and colors in the next step. I think you can guess which is which...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cable Car Ice-cream shop (Cartoony version) #1

The most fun I have always lives in cartoony and wonky styles. I don't why it's not that popular among artists. It's a perfect style. I did a cartoony of the cable car based on the its technical design. I still have to work on the big ice-cream and the balloon. But no worries. I TRULY love everything about wonky cartoony style.

Mickey Design

After the amazing experience I got from Disney Family museum, I couldn't stop thinking about that original design I saw of Mickey Mouse character. Then I was thinking how Mickey is gonna look in my style. Now here it is.

My Real Disneyland

Fortunately I'm not a Disney crazy nerd who wears Mickey mouse's hat and goes to Disneyland every holiday season. However I realized that my Disneyland was not actually Disneyland. My favorite Disney moments were in one and only Walt Disney family museum. It was Unbelievable. Too Bad I was not allowed to take picture of the museum. So I just took pictures of myself in the entrance and the lobby. I saw everything I want to see about Disney. That charged me again to get my Disneyish charisma back in a good way. I Really Love Walt Disney.

2 Dogs

I did this illustration with 22 inch Cintiq at animation lab to get the experience of it. The funny thing was I didn't paint anything special with that. I had only one hour before my animation class, I couldn't think of anything except 2 dogs looking at each other. Honestly... I was not really comfortable the new Cintiq. It was really huge. Maybe It's better to use smaller ones like Samsung or Asus. They are really comfortable to use. I almost had my lefty hand amputated. It's hard to hold your hand up for an hour.

Oliver Hardy's Expressions

Last month I've been working on the cartoon version of Oliver Hardy as my celebrity character. I really love his acting with Stan Laurel. Their comedy was 100% cartoony. I worked on couple of funny expressions he might do to understand his volume better.

Dog Fish conecpt

When I was in Academy of Science I saw a big fish with a dog face but it was called alligator fish (maybe because of the look of its jaw). But to me it was more like a fish with a dog head. I drew it more cartoony to make it funnier.

Bobby and his dog Frank concept

Every time I work on some animation test, I create a concept for characters like a cartoon show. This time I had to create a human and a dog on their walking cycle. I designed the human character as a goofy boy named Bobby and my first design of dog (Frank) was goofy too but I changed it in very last minute which you see it on the right. It looks like lama but it's smart.

Cable Car Ice-cream shop (3rd and 4th version)

I used the ice-cream silhouettes for each part of the cable car to make it more ice-creamy looking. I found  something important in my career besides the cable car design. I am a good listener to my supervisors. They're not gonna hate me if they want me to work for them or with them. I'm flexible to anything they throw at me. I like that...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Animal Drawing #1

Drawing African dead animals might be a horrible idea but it's pretty useful to study their structures closely. At least they are gonna look alive in your sketch book. Fortunately reptiles (except poor turtles..) and sea creatures were not skinned or hurt. I drew them to prove that I like drawing alive animals too. Next time I'm gonna draw more alive animals from Zoo. So there will be no hard feelings..