Monday, April 30, 2012

Bald-Headed Duck project

4 Frame Illustration I made for my roommate to put it on his power point presentation in his physique class. We both had a funny story about a bald-headed duck which was silly but come on... Getting silly is way better than getting serious in this planet. (as long aliens prove us wrong) 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arash in Cartoon (Concept)

Everything you need to know about Arash (me) is right here, in this post. It's basically based on Hamster and me. It's like we complete each other. I mean me and a hamster.

Characters designs for the unnknown project!

I tried so hard to remember what project was these concepts for..!!

Gears of Shafuls (Concepts)

The Concepts of the Characters from the the short cartoon "Gears of Shafuls" which was based on my Illustration of the battle between tooth and germ. But the project got canceled because we were looking for money to make it and nobody could do that and we were also students and nobody treated us as professionals. But I think we're professionals right now and we still can make it happen.

Arash.Arsh (first Storyboard)

The first Storyboard I drew for "Arash.Arsh" cartoon. It's basically one shot one scene and character performance based animation . 2 characters come in the scene and act like a reflection to each others mirror until they got tired of it and leave the scene.

Arash and Arsh

The design of the characters from my short film "Arash.Arsh". The hamster (Arsh) and the human being (Arash). Both based on myself. You can check out the Trailer on

Me in the Cat suit

The design I was working on myself. The character was supposed to be animal but I kinda used it as a costume.

Real characters in the Cartoon world

The characters I created based on real people and then later I transformed them into cartoony characters. The skinny boy with extreme flexibility and the professor with big hands and moustache and hair.