Sunday, October 14, 2012

Animal Drawing #1

Drawing African dead animals might be a horrible idea but it's pretty useful to study their structures closely. At least they are gonna look alive in your sketch book. Fortunately reptiles (except poor turtles..) and sea creatures were not skinned or hurt. I drew them to prove that I like drawing alive animals too. Next time I'm gonna draw more alive animals from Zoo. So there will be no hard feelings..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cable Car Ice-cream shop (First and Second Drafts)

This time my assignment was to create a cable car as an Ice-cream shop in San Francisco. I had to explore every cute-sweet shop I knew in San Fran to get references for it. It was fun. Actually I got some interesting pictures.(I will post some of them later in my blog.) These are the 2 ideas I came up with so far. But they are not the final version. I still have to pick the better one and redesign it to make it more Ice-creamy.. Later I will  create the environment around it.

Fafamigo (Character Concept) #1

I don't how long I have been visualizing the Fafamigo world but I never thought I would get serious about it until last week. I usually start with characters first before I jump on other things. Here is the start of one of the characters from that wacky world.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Value Study on a Face

The Value study is one of my favorite thing in any type of presentation. Because it's all about highlights, core shadows and cast shadows.. And a thick line can make it look better too. I did this study over one of the sculptures which was wonderfully shaped. I tried any type of pencils in different levels to create various gradations of black and white color. From 3H to 6B

Low-Fat Cartoony Arash

After losing a lot of weight and getting a short haircut, I realized that I don't look cartoony anymore. This drawing can prove this fact that I can't easily turn into a cartoon character as much as I used to when I was overweight. I still don't know..Did I do a right thing..?!

Kid's Room Layout (Final Version)

After taking a lot lot lot lot of critiques from friends, teacher and myself, I finished the kid's room with this design. I'm okay with 5 more critiques..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dog Design

This Time I have to animate Large dog and Small dog. Animating Quadruped is always a challenge but I like doing it. Because I'm always learning from anything useful to make my work better. I also have to trust my imagination a little bit. First I have to draw their structures to see If I really understand them. Then I move on to their looks to make them appealing. That little crown was just for fun..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inside (New Version)

It's great to see your artistic progress through all these years. I finished the painting called "Inside" almost 3 years ago. Now when I started looking at it again, I could see the problem with the design and its theme. So I repainted the female character again to make it more elvish and surreal. I'm still not sure about it but who knows.. Maybe 2 years later I will come up with something better.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Figure Drawings..

This time My friend Khadijah was the model for figure drawing. I had to use her posture as a reference for my character drawings. I know I didn't have to draw her as a chameleon. But it was funny and attractive and She's okay with it.

My Signature

I didn't know a design can be something more than just a drawing or sketch. It can turn into the artist's language. It has become the main part of my unconscious talent. This work you're watching right now, was first started by my friend Peng Zhou as he saw my works. Then I finished it for him. Looks like everybody knows who I am and what I like. IT IS MY SIGNATURE...Something to remember me by..