Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Lame Epic

My history knowledge was never good at all but I always was interested in messing with histories and combining them with some funny topics and silly facts to make them more interesting. But now I'm getting interested in history as the history. This time I worked on the new 4 characters for my new idea called the "Lame Epic" which includes a hero and his love interest, a sidekick and the villain. (Like the last time.)

For the hero character I chose the horse kind which it's a little bit odd but I liked that because you don't see it that much. He's pretty brave but He forgets that he is a horse and he might get in trouble because of his horsy actions. He kicks like a horse, Yells like a horse, Runs like a horse, ...etc. and also loves his heels. He loves them.
The love interest is a female human being but she's a little bit over weight kind of the character but she's pretty and cute at the same time. She thinks that she's hot and cute and I agree with her on the second part. Unfortunately she always becomes the victim of the Hero's silly actions. She is pretty much hyper active in spite of her weight.
The sidekick (which is my favorite) is the tiny cyclops who doesn't take anybody's side. He's just there in picture. He's really funny but he doesn't know that he can be a titan. However he's got a point because he is small and not that bright.
The last main character, the three-headed Villain, was supposed to be the greatest Titan of the earth but it has one issue. The third head is the loony crackpot creature that has no idea what the hell is going on. It acts like a poppy dog and unfortunately that third head take the all coolness and villainness of our character and there's nothing the other 2 heads can do about it. Oh wait...the other head is also have a little bit problem with the others because it's a bird head and it can't fly anywhere. The real main villain is actually the middle head but he has to find some way to get along with his other companion heads in this story.
I did a little bit value study of the characters to get their three dimensional look. Doesn't look %100 perfect but I will be working on them harder with adding some colors.

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