Thursday, January 10, 2013

Googli Magooli Concepts #3

I realized that sometimes to achieve your favorite design it's better to go with the traditional process. So today I went to a food court to do some sketches which sometimes leads to an idea creation. They have comfortable seats there and it's not that much annoying. You can sit and enjoy your meal and do some sketches after you're done with a lunch. I designed the main character for the video game/cartoon idea "Googli Magooli" and also some of other enemies came after that.
Here's the main character (aka Googli):
And here are the other concepts for the enemies. Some of them are designed with their 2 key frames. I also designed the checkpoint or auto save spot of the game (with the little designs of its key frame on a corner when it's saving). I have to mention something about the old lady down on the page. I love old people. Especially when they are capable of doing something evil in a game.

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