Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Technological Dream (the Abstract Art)

After a lot of philosophical discoveries through endless theories about Art and Reality, I've come to the conclusion that All of them were trying to find what the Truth is about. But I have the answer for it. Human and his Unconsciousness. Human being is trying to see things through his/her conscious mind. But Kandinsky and Freud proved that we can also see Non-objective beings which can be visible in our Dreams. BUT dreams are not the only one to make that possible for us. ART is another medium which brings the unconscious world to the surface. That can be complete Abstract or Concrete but it still exists in our unconscious world. While I'm painting, my mind is trying to find a possible way to make that possible. Like a creation of something we don't know. Mind is a complicated system which doesn't need to think concrete. This is what Expressionists found in their Art. I don't have to make sense. My mind is interacting to so many things in daily life and its reaction must be rational. But now I want to let it do its job without any sensibilities. My Truth is My Unconsciousness. Technological Dream is my effort to see that process.

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