Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Character I liked to illustrate and nobody cared

During the period of my illustration job, I always wanted to bring some interesting characters that nobody would care or maybe seem to care. But I kinda liked the way to play with kids to see if they remember anything from last year. For the Persian New Year (or Norooz) which happens every spring, Salamat magazine had to be released  in special new year edition for holidays. I knew that in every year, people celebrate Norooz with fireworks, parties and some blowing things for fun (Like Thanksgiving). I decided to use an occurring character who loves to blow things up for celebration. But every time it ends up in a disaster. I never come up with any kind of design for him. Just a Pure black fella with two shocked eyes and super straight hair with match in his hand. I realized the only person who really liked it was me. But I don't know.. maybe some one did exist to liked it besides me...!

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